** Oscilloworld Records **

Formerly known as Oscilloworld Radio, now hosting some Minimal Wave music projects.

last update: 2019-01-13
email: ak81@oscilloworld.de



Oscilloworld Radio was a mp3-stream internet radio station from 1999 to 2016.
(since 2001 at www.live365.com)

Played Gothic, Deathrock, Minimal 80's music and other alternative music.

Monthly playlists by radio
dj AK-81.

radio dj from 1998/99 to 2016

disk collection
(over 2.1MB pics)

Read here:
"The Oscilloworld Story"



Due to Live365 has quitted its service on January 2016, the monthly playlists by radio dj AK-81 were discontinued.

The Oscilloworld web presence will now used to promote some Minimal Wave music artists.



email: ak81@oscilloworld.de