** Oscilloworld Radio **.

MP3-Stream Internet Radio
Played Gothic, Deathrock,
Minimal 80's music and more

last pl: 26.09.15 (2015-09-26)
next pl: discontinued

last alteration: 07.02.16
email: ak81@oscilloworld.de


Oscilloworld Radio - was a
mp3-stream internet radio station - played Gothic, Deathrock, Minimal 80's music and other alternative music.

Every last weekend of each month a new playlist by radio
dj AK-81.

radio dj from 1998/99 to 2016

disk collection
(over 1MB pics!)

Read here:
"The Oscilloworld Story"


Oscilloworld Radio was running
at www.live365.com

Listen to the 64kbps/44khz/ Stereo Oscilloworld MP3-stream:

Update 2016-01: Live365 has quitted its service


oscilloworld radio - a mp3 live stream internetradio / webradio

playing goth, gothrock, gothic rock, deathrock, death rock, batcave, postpunk, post punk, 80s, dark, alternative, independent, minimal, synth, new wave, coldwave electronic music

by the dj and artist ak81 / ak-81 / ak_81 - featuring playlist , archive

contact: ak81@oscilloworld.de